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PPV Pics 025 + Video

This is part 2 of my "Shaving PPV 024"! This version is slower, naked in a bath tub and a lot more sensual! Watch the bubbles surround my curves and watch me get hot and WET as I touch myself and shave! The photos are SUPER ultra HOT too! The photos have some super nice ass shots for you to enjoy! There is nothing better than a wet, bubbly hot ass!! MMMMMMmmmm Enjoy me in my favorite sexual pose! YUM!


PPV Pics 024 + Video

My first ever, pu**y shaving video and pic set! This photo set is BEAUTIFUL and HOT HOT HOT!! You have to get this set to see what I'm talking about! I LOVE these super sexy thigh high stockings, the make up and the HOT poses! There are some Nite Flirt worthy shots in here!! YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!! Let's play and have some fun!! This video is super fun and very candid! I know you will love this set!! XOXOOX


PPV Pics 023 + Video

See me like never before!! SEXY, colorful and covered in liquid latex! This is a true work of art! Don't miss out on this never before seen beautiful set of photos and video! You know you want to sit back and enjoy yourself as you you have some fun with MY - you know what I'm talking about! XOOXOXO

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  PPV 022 VIDEO   PPV PICS 021   PPV PICS 020  

PPV 022 Video

Sexy and Seductive! Done in black and white, this video is truly captivating! I get the feeling of Madonna's Truth or Dare when I see it... It shows all your favorite curves in slow motion, allowing you the opportunity to really enjoy every move! Watch me touch myself, watch me flirt with the camera, watch me give it to you... just the way you like it! MMMMMMmmmm


PPV Pics 021

WOW! For the first time ever!! Watch this Point of View Video that shows the photographers hand reach out and grab my breast! That gives you a nice POV feel! SUPER SEXY, SUPER PLAYFUL and SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!! This is something you must have in your collection! Hurry before it gets removed from this list... I know it will BLOW you away!


PPV Pics 020

These photos are SO SO lovely and SUPER SEXY!! Surrounded by flowers, wearing pink lingerie and black thigh highs, this PPV will leave you with that pulsing feeling you love! Come watch those eyes you love, giving you that look you love... Letting you know... to come and get it!! Legs open, back arched, mouth open and OH OH WOW!!! Super beautiful, SUPER INTENSE!!!

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  PPV PICS 019 + VIDEO   PPV PICS 018   PPV PICS 017 + VIDEO  

PPV Pics 019 + Video

This is my part 2 to Creme De La Creme, only with video and more HOT shots if you know what I mean! Watch me get covered in whip cream, as it melts off of my body and leaves me shiny, sweet and sticky! In this set you get a few Nite Flirt PPV type of shots and the video is simply delicious! Feel like sucking off some whip cream off of my HOT SPOT? MMMMMMMM, that would feel AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


PPV Pics 018

Alone on a bed, just thinking of having something big and beautiful up against my body! Lift my dress up and see what's underneath! Let me open my legs for you... Let me lean back... Let me arch my back... Let me... let me OOOOOOhhhh! Here's another SUPER HOT photo and video set labeled - Warning: Muscle Explosions May Occur! Hurry, don't miss out!!


PPV Pics 017 + Video

Introducing my longest video I've ever put together thus far! It's SUPER hot with some naughty close up playtime! Watch my hips sway back and forth as I give you an amazing view while my pajama pants are at my thighs and no panties on! YUM! I start the video off with a short, fun, naughty talk-game. There are some super sexy soft close ups of my face that resemble a Victoria's Secret model! I also talk more in this video... Lots of fun!!!! The picture set is another super sexy set with some close ups, sexy face shots and hot boob play! All in my personal bed!! All shot by me : ) The video is uncut/raw!! No music has been added…. The photos have been lightly touched up. This is another SUPER HOT set!!! You don't want to miss the video!!! It's sooooooooo good, you'll be cumming for more!!

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PPV Pics 016 + Video

WOW! This picture set is SO freakin' HOT! There are several shots in this set that are Nite Flirt Pay Per View worthy!! MMMmmmm, this is another picture and video set shot by me with the pictures having many extreme full focus closeups! The video is super sexy too! In the beginning of the video, I play a sexy game with you that's worth about 2 minutes or so. Then I give you a nice sexy video show! I stand up for you, I make my nipples be the hardest they've ever been and I give you an amazing side view of my ass, which gives you the sense of being behind me. Watch my ass flex and tighten from the side as I grind away! SOOOOOooooo HOT!!!! You don't want to miss this super entertaining, super hot video and photo combo!! XOXOOO


PPV Pics 015 + Video

If you liked PPV12, then you'll love this PPV!! This is similar only A LOT more light, so you can see everything better! WIth more light, you get amazing ass shots in the video! YES, my ass is dancing for you on your face! It's super hot with my g-string on!! There's lots of sexy g string dancing from above!! Then the g string slides down my leg!!! SOOOO CRAZY HOT!!!!! Light music in the background... SUPER sexy black fishnet thigh high stockings! The picture set is a short set... and I apologize for that! The video makes up for the loss in pictures though!!!! The pictures are HOT topless pictures and g string shots, that show my g string being pulled up ever so tightly! YUM! Don't miss this SUPER HOT video!!! and sexy image set! It's all waiting for you HERE!!! (I shot the video and pictures myself! The photos are only lightly touched up!)


PPV Pics 014 + Video

Here's another one of those awesome photo and video sets that you love, shot exclusively by ME! The video is SO much fun, you have to see it for yourself!! The photos are super hot too! This is a rare super intimate video that I have NEVER done before, till now!! The first 5 minutes of the video, I am caressing my body with my body massager, while my camera phone is following the action... The last 5 minutes, I place my body massager on my loving parts and OH MY!!!! The camera at that point stays on my face, so that you can clearly see my face, as I enjoy the feeling and my final release! It's so HOT, if you've ever wanted to know what my face looks like during that hot special moment! This is the real deal!!! I fucking love that massager!!! (really I do!) The photos are hot poses with and without the massager! FYI- The video is all about watching my face as I have a BIG O... The view is hot because it's an above view... so it looks like I'm on bottom and you're watching from on top!! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PPV Pics 013 + Video

This is the GOING DOWN on me, pics and video set you been waiting for! In the video, you get an awesome view of what it looks like to go down on me while I lay down and open my legs! SO YUMMY!!! The video is raw, uncut and has no distracting music! You can hear my whispers and soft moans along with all my rubbing... The picture set gives you some nice extreme close ups and a variety of other shots that will surely make you melt! The photos and video was taken by me, so the intimacy is HOT, just the way you like it! Are you ready to go DOWN?!


PPV Pics 012 + Video

This photo and video set is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! For the first time ever, watch me sit on your face, give you a table dance on your face, pull my panties down while standing on top of your face! HOT HOT HOT!! In this video, you also get a nice view of me "riding you" and boobs bouncing and swinging all in your face while they hang from up above!! WOW! The picture set is super HOT too! You get plenty of extreme close ups of all your favorite parts! I did another amazing job shooting the video and pictures myself!! It's SO much fun and VERY intimate doing it alone with my camera phone! SUPER HOT!! The view from above is waiting FOR YOU!! Come and watch my sexy red lipstick! (all pictures were only- lightly touched up!)


PPV Pics 011 + Video

This is the OMG .net PPV of the year!! This photo and video set is SO unique! This is the first time, I shot the photos and video all by myself! WOO HOO I think I did a really good job too! The photos and video has that "reality touch" feel to it, which is rare for me and awesome!! There is no fancy glamour lighting or background. I shot the pictures with my point and shoot and camera. There are lots of close ups and some extreme close ups! There are a bunch of nice angles... shot from underneath and etc! I shot the video with my camera phone. There are a bunch of nice close up shots in my video too! There isn't any distracting music, only my voice, a little heavy breathing and the sound of my wet finger touching myself!!! Yes, you can hear the noise of my wet finger! It's pretty hot!!!!! Let's have some fun with this set!!!! Just you and me!!

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  PPV PICS 010 + VIDEO   PPV PICS 009 + VIDEO   PPV PICS 008  

PPV Pics 010 + Video

Alone on a bed, just thinking of having something big and beautiful up against my body! Lift my dress up and see what's underneath! Let me open my legs for you... Let me lean back... Let me arch my back... Let me... let me OOOOOOhhhh! Here's another SUPER HOT photo and video set labeled- Warning: Muscle Explosions May Occur! Hurry, don't miss out!!


PPV Pics 009 + Video

This is my HOTTEST .net PPV set EVER! There are some flaming HOT pics that are similar in the style to my Nite Flirt PPV's in this one!! There are also plenty of really beautiful shots too! The video is my most flirtatious video ever! You'll have to see and hear for yourself!! This PPV#009 will have you completely SATISFIED and ready for round 2!! You DON'T want to miss out on this one!!!!


PPV Pics 008

Do you like it wet and wild? How about slippery and dripping? If you do, this PPV is for you!! Watch me undress in a sparkling jacuzzi bath tub…. Watch me nude pushing myself out of the water, back arched, eyes closed, touching myself, legs open... WOW!! This is totally freakin' HOT! If you like my Nite Flirt PPV's, then you'll LOVE this set!! There's lots to play with here!! Hurry, I'm waiting for you...

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  PPV PICS 007 + VIDEO   PPV PICS 006   PPV PICS 005 + VIDEO  

PPV Pics 007 + Video

Are you looking for some amazing hot ass shots mixed in with some fetish pee play? You will find some of the best ass pics in this set! In this video you will finally get to see me release and enjoy a nice good pee! AAAhhhhh It feels SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! (pee shots in video only) Watch me bend over and spread my legs!! MMMmmmm


PPV Pics 006

Here is the hottest .net photo set EVER, and the hottest .net PPV photo set ever! There's about 95% p**sy shots in this set and they are HOT, I MEAN MEGA HOT!!! You have to see this set to believe! There's so much of those "kinds of poses" that you love! TRUST ME!!! YOU WILL BE SOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY that you downloaded my p**sy set : ) The cleavage that this dress gives is amazing! The ponytail, tanned skin and sexy makeup is super f***ing hot!


PPV Pics 005 + Video

WOW! This .NET PPV is SO HOT that it will make you melt instantly! There are so many "Nite Flirt" style ppv pics here! You will love every inch, just as I love "every inch" : ) Let's play with my pink dreams photo set, my pink lips and my pink p**sy! To top this PPV off, there's an equally HOT video included in this package. OH my! Hurry, I'm waiting...



PPV Pics 004 + Full Video

This is my FIRST EVER- FULL ON masturbation video! It wasn't planned, it just kind of happened! There's no fake moans, no acting and nothing held back! I was SO crazy horny this day and after touching myself- I couldn't stop! It felt sooooo good! This video is almost 15 minutes long! WOW! That's the longest video I've ever produced! - There's no music to distract you from what's going on. The first half is good… but things get really heated up in the 2nd half! This video ends with an amazing orgasm that felt SOOOOOOOO good to release! - This video has more of that Nite Flirt feel, which is why I almost decided to not use it. I would love to know what you think of it!! Please tell me! MUAHHH


PPV Pics 004 + Video

This photo and video set is TRUELY amazing and like no other! I was SO insanely horny during this shoot that it gave me that floating butterflies kind of look in all the images! My wonderful horny thoughts and mmmm feelings led to my EXCLUSIVE never before seen 1st EVER masturbation video! This video is a teaser video to the full length close to 15 minute video which is available now! This video is the REAL DEAL!! There's no fake moaning, no acting, no performing! There's no distracting music… You can hear my voice as the video progresses! This is a .net PPV that you don't want to miss out on!


PPV Pics 003 + Video

Let's listen to some music on my headphones and fantasize away! This set will make you say OH, AHHHHH! Pure Ecstasy at it's finest! There are a few pictures in here that are Nite Flirt PPV worthy!! OH MY!!! That makes this set, OH so well worth it! This is another set, you have to have in your collection of "The Best!" But best of all, it also comes with a SUPER SEXY high quality video almost 10 mins long!!!

Come and get it!!



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